brentford O115 Multimonitor PC

brentford O115 Multimonitor PC

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    • Individuelle Konfiguration
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    • 3 Jahre Garantie
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    • Lieferung in ca. 4 - 6 Tagen
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Optimal Trading Computer configuration for up to 8 screens
Kundenmeinung von A.J. (Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2016)
I needed an efficient and reliable trading computer to run several different platforms and trading strategies with up to 8 screen attached. I am not a technical geek (computers) and I was glad to find a company in Switzerland able to understand my needs and deliver at all levels. Very satisfied and already running my second Brentford computer. Thanks.
Fast PC for Algo-Trading with Multi-Monitor set-up at fair price/excellent and fast service
Kundenmeinung von B.H. (Veröffentlicht am 21.01.2013)
We were looking for PCs capable of fast processing large data sets and multi-monitor set-up. Usually you end up with Gaming-PCs, however high-end graphic chips make them too expensive although you don't really it for a multi-screen trading station. With brentford we found exactly what we needed at a fair price. Fast and excellent service, we could pick up our stations within one week. Very satisfied. Thank you. B.H. / Jan 2013